Posted: May 10, 2005 8:15 am EST

Here Come the Brides (~8 col. in.)
by Mike Siroky, Greensburg (Ind.) Daily News
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    By Mike Siroky
    CNHI News Service

    GREENSBURG, Ind. — It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be a memorable event.
    Amber Diane Moody and Dana Moody of Burney are twin sisters. Each are graduates of South Decatur High School.
    As might be expected, they have a lot of shared experiences.
    On Saturday afternoon, in Greensburg’s United Methodist Church, they’ll have one more.
    They are getting married in a double-ceremony by Pastor Charles Wilfong.
    “. . . Diane Amber, always wanted to have a double ceremony,” said their mom, Carol.
    She and her fiancé, Bradley Ott, set the date. Dana and her fiancé, Jeff Young, have been together about five years and so they talked him into it. I have to say, once he committed, he’s been very gung-ho about it.”
    So who actually gets to go first?
    “I had a caesarian for them and Diane is the oldest by one minute. She’ll be first,” said the mom. “But they decided that.”
    The wedding reception, at the Knights of St. John, will naturally feature three sets of happy parents, one for the brides and one each for the grooms.
    “All three sets of parents are pitching in,” said Carol. “They’re really great parents. We all do special things and we’re all contributing our specialties to the reception. We’re lucky; everyone is kind of laid-back so there really is no arguing about who is doing what.”
    By this time next week, all the anticipation will have come to the grand moment and all the fun of the reception will be relegated to photographic memories.
    If mom can only get through this week . . .
    “I’m kinda glad they have decided to do this together,” she said. “We won’t have to go through this again.”

    Mike Siroky writes for The Daily News in Greensburg, Ind.

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